Laura has worked within Fashion, Beauty and Styling for 15 years. Her expansive knowledge and flair for piecing outfits together in an original manner, inspires women to think outside the box when it comes to putting together their own signature style. Laura calls this ‘Soul Style’. This is what truly expresses and represents’ a woman’s unique character in her own beautiful way.

Her passion is for helping and encouraging women to access and reveal themselves in all of their Feminine glory, both inwardly and outwardly. Laura’s work as a Femininity Coach focuses on bringing beauty, elegance, confidence and authenticity in to the every day. Her knowledge, experience and advice will instil the true understanding and joy of what it is to be a woman!

Femininity Coaching can transform your life in the following ways:

By helping you to understand the ways of the Feminine, you will start to understand better the cycles of a Woman and to feel more comfortable within your body and your emotions.

By learning that you CAN be successful and powerful WITHOUT behaving like a Man.

By building self love and acceptance via Self Care and Self Pleasure Rituals.

By growing a sense of value and self worth and ridding yourself of deeply ingrained Imposter Syndrome.

You will learn to settle into a lifestyle that is filled with more flow and enjoyment via Sensuality Coaching.

It will help you to attract the success, passion and intimacy that you deserve.

By learning how to access the Feminine Qualities and living from the heart and soul rather than always within your head.

By enabling you to feel content and joyful within absolute authenticity and not feel that you have to ‘play’ at being anything or anyone else.

By helping you to reclaim or discover your Sexuality, you will be able to enjoy a much more confident and pleasurable life.

“Once the work has been completed internally to initiate confidence and identify true essence via  Femininity coaching and externally via Soul Styling, a woman has all the tools necessary to exude that Feminine Power and become a true Goddess. The ultimate goal is to instil the confidence within my clients so that they may begin to live a completely authentic life that is true to their own core values and ultimate desires.”

Laura , Belle Empire Femininity Coaching