My business is based all around understanding and appreciating the difference between Man and Woman. I wish to give Women the tools to really step in to their Femininity, to embrace and enjoy all that Womanhood has to offer.

Wikepedia’s explanation of Femininity is as follows….”Femininity is a set of attributes, behaviours and roles generally associated with girls and women.” It goes on to say that some behaviours are biologically influenced and some are socially. Typically feminine traits are;

Gentleness, Empathy, Intuition, Humility, Sensitivity, Nurturance, Warmth and Expressiveness. It is also important to note that the qualities of the Feminine can be present in Men, just as Women can equally display qualities that are considered Masculine. What I do feel strongly about is that it is important that we as Women nurture our inner qualities that will help us to stand out and away from the Masculine. The Feminists may believe that displaying certain qualities are an out dated ideal put upon us by the patriarch, my opinion is that it is ultimately much more beneficial to us as women to engage with and appreciate these qualities that the world and mankind need to balance out the different energies of Man and Woman. This will absolutely guarantee that we allow more pleasure into our daily lives. A particular quality of the Feminine is that of  being able to Receive. By making ourselves more receptive to all that is available to us pleasure wise (whether it be something given to us by another, a gift of nature or gifted by ourselves in an act of Self Love), the art of receiving is a sure way to live in the Feminine in the loveliest of ways. On that note, this is why “Self Care” brings innumerable benefits be it an hour dance/exercise class each week, regular coffee dates to laugh and share with friends, a walk in the park appreciating the changes that each season brings or a bubble bath and a wonderful book in bed. Beautiful flowers around the home, wafting around in beautiful lacy underwear and kimono or slathering on a deliciously scented body cream are all the little decadent things that we as Women have the great luck of being able to delight in. Perhaps you are beginning to see the ways in which we as Women can really begin to appreciate the many gifts that being Women affords us. Men very rarely stop to smell a flower, enjoy a view or luxuriate in hot scented water….once we open ourselves up to these pleasures we learn how to access our inner Sensuality. This is where we begin to open ourselves up to our Womanhood and how by increasing our own pleasure brings joy and power in to other areas of our lives…..I have so much to share with you on this subject so do come back to share with me the many glories of the Feminine.