Laura trained professionally as a dancer at Central School of Ballet and has a well rounded knowledge within a variety of styles of dance including Contemporary, Classical, Flamenco, Belly Dance and other National dances. Laura also performed as a burlesque dancer which enabled her to create uniquely feminine and sensual dances that represented and celebrated the natural movement of a Woman.

It is her belief (and indeed a proven fact) that there is an integral link between body and mind. When one is hurting or feeling stuck emotionally, dance and movement has the incredible power to heal the mind as well as being beneficial from a physical and social aspect. The rich combination of music and dance has the incredible benefits of lifting one’s mood, introducing body awareness and confidence as well as healing emotional pain and improving physical fitness. She is also passionate about helping women to access their Feminine via dance and aims to encourage them to channel their emotions and sexuality through their movements, helping them to feel more uninhibited within their bodies and to move in a more conscious and joyous way through life.

She has devised a variety of classes some of which are listed below:

Sensual dance for reclaiming Feminine Sexuality

Chakra Dance for helping to unblock the different channels of energy

Goddess Group Dance for bonding and reclaiming the Divine Feminine

Conscious Movement and Dance Therapy for unlocking and healing any stuck and wounded emotions

Laura will work one to one or within groups of Women.