Laura understands women. She celebrates all the wonderful things that it means to be a woman. Since knowing Laura I have been braver with my style. She has encouraged me to express myself fully and embrace all of my eccentricities that before, I felt that I needed to conceal. I always know when I need something extra special to wear that she can help me find it. Laura will ask you all the necessary questions to work out what make’s you tick and what would make you feel fabulous. Laura is a true creative, free spirit who wants to help women experiment and have fun with fashion. I love the way that Laura encourages you to push the boundaries, try something new and mix it up. She has an innate sense of style that harks back to a bygone glamour with a contemporary twist. Laura’s mission is to make women stand out, to become confident and empowered to be different, individual and to truly embrace themselves.

Laura has helped me on my journey to no longer feel restricted or constrained by the world. Instead, I feel like a free spirit ready for her next adventure, all in a fabulous outfit of course!

J. Hawksworth

Laura is truly a unique and special woman, her presence alone enriches a room. Her Goddess Gathering event was beautiful and an extremely soulful way to encourage and connect with other women.

T. Ufondu

When my relationship ended Laura read my Goddess cards focusing on the past, present and future and the answers were so on point and relevant to this new phase of my life that it took my breath away.

L. Brook

She is the Goddess of love, power, beauty, kindness and all the good things in the world. Thanks to Laura a million times for her love, I will never forget the feeling her words gave me. Thanks forever.

Lourdes Shahrzad