Why does the Female form hold so much fascination?

Why are there so many more depictions of Women’s bodies within art and sculpture? Why does watching a female Burlesque performer stroking a feathered fan up a shapely calf, swinging her hips to the rythm of slow music hold so much more allure than watching a Male stripper….for both men and women? Why have Women’s figures tirelessly been designed to clothe by fashion designers throughout the decades with much more onus and vigour than for men? Because, quite simply, the Female form is so very beautiful! Women are beautiful. Their bodies are sexy and sensual. Soft and shapely, strong and, symbolic of life and love.

I adore men and the difference in their own forms compared to my own yet, women’s bodies I know, hold so much more interest in terms of beauty-nude or clothed-the shape of the female form with our longer necks, the silhouette of our busts, our rounder behinds. Not only are our bodies amazingly beautiful in each various way but they are the vessel, the gateway of both pleasure and new life. The Male body does not have to work half as hard as the internal workings of a Woman’s with our constant cycles preparing for the possibility of forming a new human. Quite simply put, we are each and every one of us, Goddesses of otherworldly powers that we each harbour within ourselves. This is why we have to start appreciating our bodies in all of it’s states from completely undressed through to the undergarments we chose for ourselves and the fabrics and shapes we select to present ourselves to the world in. We owe it to ourselves and other women to enjoy, respect and delight in our own bodies. Taking the time to get to know our own bodies, to delight in self pleasure, self care and learning the art of how to use them to our own benefits is the best gift we can bestow upon ourselves.